Brooklyn Beckham and Hana Cross: Big fight in Cannes, the security comes

Lovers who quarrel in public ? This is not surprising. But when it comes to the son of the footballer the most famous in the world and that the scene takes place during the Cannes film Festival… it does not go unnoticed. The Sun reports that on Sunday 26 may 2019 a big argument between Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend Hana Cross at a breakfast on the terrace of the prestigious hotel Martinez.

According to the tabloid, the young couple had lunch (in peace !) quietly when a fight exploded between the two. A well-informed source states that the lovers were alcoholic, and the clients of the hotel have witnessed a spectacle heartbreaking. According to the Sun, the tone is quickly mounted between Brooklyn and Hana, so that they would have ended the meal is insulting. And according to the tabloid, the security of the Martinez intervened to calm the young man of 20 years and his partner of 21 years.

The media british noted, however, that the altercation was only verbal and that the calm is quickly returned to the terrace – crowded during the Festival – from the hotel. During the stay in Cannes for the young photographer and the influenceuse, nothing seemed to presage such a hassle. Either on the stairs or in the evening Chopard, the couple seemed more in love than ever.

If you do not know the origin of this quarrel, the Sun indicates that the son of David and Victoria would be particularly jealous… But everything seems to be awarded in the order as they could be seen at the Nice airport upon their departure on may 23 and they were arm above, arm below, closer than ever.

On the other hand we don’t know what you will think of David and Victoria Beckham of the dispute which is the one in the Uk. It is known that the couple is especially close to keep in any circumstance, a good image, even in the turmoil.