Busy Philipps (Dawson) talks about her abortion when she was 15 years old

Busy Philipps was the guest of the american show Busy Tonight, may 7, 2019. To 39 years, the actress of Dawson , spoke about an act of anti-abortion is about to be passed in the State of Georgia (United States), banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. “I know that some people have an opinion very assertive on abortion, but let me say one thing. Women and their physicians are best placed to make decisions knowledge to do what is best for them, “she says. Anyone else. Person.”

Busy Philipps said that this type of legislation would prevent any woman from making this choice “incredibly personal“, but that hewould expose to many risks“. The actress then spoke about her own experience, revealing that she chose to have an abortion when she was a teenager : “I had an abortion when I was 15 years old and I say to you that because I’m really scared for the women and young girls that live in this country.”

One in four women will have an abortion before the age of 45 years. The statistics may surprise people sometimes, and maybe you say : ‘I don’t know of any woman who could get an abortion.’ Well here, you know me, it’s me, “she continued. I think that it is essential that we told one another about all of our stories.

This proposed law, anti-abortion, was signed Tuesday by Brian Kemp, the governor is very conservative from Georgia. It would prohibit any abortion upon detection of the heartbeat of the fetus, which occurs around six weeks of pregnancy, before some women know they are pregnant. Considered medically inappropriate by many gynecologists, this law is nicknamed the “heart beat“, however, has already been passed in Mississippi, Ohio, and in Kentucky this year.