Camille Combal as a couple and married soon ? “I’m not talking about that…”

Camille Combal is a happy man, both professionally and sentimentally. In effect, it connects the projects with the French channel TF1 , and has even succeeded to Jean-Pierre Foucault at the controls of the famous game Who wants to be a millionaire ? Side heart, everything is moving also, since, according to rumors, he is about to celebrate his own wedding… With Tv Star, he expresses himself on this subject.

If it multiplies to the jokes and confidences fun to the antenna, Camille Combal remains very discreet about his private life. So, very few know that he is in a couple and in love. In an interview granted to our colleagues, he was questioned about a possible marriage with his sweetheart intended for… this summer ! “Oh, I’m not talking about it, I’m sorry !“, launched the former sidekick of Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à my post (C8). Then the journalist asks him if it is his last word, Camille Combal is adamant : “This is my last word, yes, I’m not talking about that.

The identity of his partner remains secret, or almost ! In march 2018, on the plateau de TPMP, it was revealed to have taken the pose with his beautiful for the poster of his morning time on Virgin Radio. “That’s my real girl, otherwise I was screwed“, had confessed to Camille Combal. On the image, you can see the moderator hugging a young brunette who is laying back. The mystery however remains !

After this rare confession, the host, 37-year-old was once again expressed about her life with Tv 7 Days last January. “In Paris, I do not go out almost no. I’m a bit mundane, as a boy ! I love to go home, watch series, take care of my sweetheart and my dog, “he said, without, however, spread on the subject.

Remains to be seen whether Camille Combal will say “yes” to his beautiful this summer, as announced in the rumors. Case to follow, so !

An interview to find it in full in the magazine Tv Star, on newsstands Monday, may 6, 2019.