Candice (Koh-Lanta), a baby in his life : it presents the small Gaia

In comments, users have praised the new tata… and some have seized the opportunity to ask him when the baby out with Jeremy ! If Candice did not answer, recall that some time ago still circulating rumors saying pregnant. There is a little more than a year, in April 2018, Pascal, ex-adventurer of Koh-Lanta, revealed that the young couple about to become parents. Information quickly refuted by key stakeholders. “This is totally false (…). I don’t understand all this, I’ve had the phone and he told me that it was to make people laugh. For me, it did not make me laugh at all“, we were entrusted at the time.

In the aftermath, Candice had mentioned her desire for motherhood : “I want to first finish my studies and get married before having children.” The baby for her and Jeremy, so this is not for now !