Cannes celebrates 25 years of the City of Fear with a projection and a Flashmob

25 years ago, the Zero landed on the big screen in the comedy now worship, the City of Fear. The first film by Alain Berbérian and Alain Chabat is back on the big-screen version of the 4K restored.

On the occasion of the Cannes film festival, Odile Deray is in charge of the promotion of a horror film “Red is Dead”. But here, the feature-length film is a stinker and nobody wants to hear talk about the film. When the projectionists die in turn, “Red is Dead” has aroused a new interest on the croisette. Who is this killer who signs a letter ? O. D. I. and L …

For the 72nd festival of Cannes, the croisette is organized to pay tribute to the work of Shabat and Berbérian. The film will be broadcast in the cinema of the beach, this Thursday 16 may at 21: 30. In the presence of The Void and Gerard Darmon, the Cannes festival will be able to enjoy the movie of 1994.

Do you know how to dance the Carioca ?

Do-all such as Gérard Darmon and Serge Karamazov. At 18h, in front of the bandstand, the Cannes festival gather to dance the famous Carioca. “This is not a fox-trot or a polka.” So we laced up his best shoes and sways to the music which has become mythical.

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We are happy, and when we are happy …. The film will be back on the big screen on June 5 next. Up to you to unravel the mystery of the letters, O. D. I., and L.