Cannes film Festival : A woman who had forgotten her keys impaled on a portal

Drama at the Cannes film Festival. According to the information of Nice-Matin , a festival at the age of forty years would have been transported to the hospital after being impaled on a grid in the night of Friday 17 may 2019 Saturday 18 may 2019. This woman, who would be from Germany, would have realized that she did not have her key to access her apartment, located avenue du Roi-Albert-Ier in Cannes, on the heights of the district of California. It is at this moment that she would have decided to pass over the top of the grid to gain access to his apartment.

His identity still remains unknown, but this woman would participate at the Cannes film Festival and could be an actress. Around 3 o’clock in the morning, it would have been an awkward move trying to climb the grid. Unfortunately, in falling, she is impaled on these barriers, in the form of peaks.

One of these “arrows” have pierced his thigh, holding him until the arrival of firefighters, who had to cut out the portal. It would be in a state of great concern, but Nice-Matin argues, however, that his prognosis is not engaged. She was transported to the hospital Pasteur, Nice. An accident for which nobody questions gravity, but that has not disrupted the running of the Cannes film Festival.