Captain Marvel : these cut scenes to the timeline will appear on the DVD

Each film has its fair share of cut scenes and Captain Marvel is no exception to the rule. On June 11th, the film will be released on DVD in the United States. This will be an opportunity for fans to see or see again the feature-length film, but also to discover some new images. identifies the scenes that will be on the program.

**Attention spoiler**

Yon-Rogg is he a good leader ?

The character played by Jude Law, has the right in two cut scenes in the feature film. In the first, the leader of the Starforce made in the face of the Supreme Intelligence, which questions his capacity to lead the team. In a second extract, he made a speech to explain the mission of the Kriyas in the clash of the Skrulls, with future recruits.

A little more of Phil Coulson

Present since the first hours of the MCU, even before the scene post-credit Nick Fury, Phil Coulson has not really been great moments since his “death” in the Avengers. If the character has the right to his own series on ABC, it had disappeared from the radar in the movies. Captain Marvel was the opportunity to give back to the character of place, but the feature-length documentary shown that very little on the screen. In one scene, titled “Rookie Mistake”, it can be seen along with the director Keller. The two members of the SHIELD, are going to have to get out of an embarrassing situation. But which one ? Mystery…

Other scenes are also announced, the image of an alternative scene. Carol Danvers consults a map when it receives a help questionable. You can also discover bêtisiers and see the cast members engaging in a battle of accessories. Captain Marvel will be available on July 12 in France, one month after the american release.

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