Carla (Marseille) speaker : Anguished, she shares her fears

Carla Moreau is pregnant with her first child, fruit of her love with Kevin Guedj. And the candidate of Marseille (W9) does not cover be somewhat distressed by her pregnancy. “I woke up a little late. I was KB. I very badly slept this night, I only have nightmares, “said the beautiful blonde of 22 years this Friday, may 17, 2019, on Snapchat.

Carla then explained that, since the beginning of her pregnancy, she was “all the time anxious for her baby” : “It is very hard. There are those who live their pregnancy without asking questions, but I don’t know how to do it. I would like so much to get to do that. (…) It is scary to live like that. So, I slept badly and I badly woke up.

To relax the young woman, who is currently on vacation in the Maldives, went to eat with Kevin, has sipped a cocktail at the edge of the pool and then became a massage. As a reminder, she announced her pregnancy at the end of April.

The doubts of Jessica Thivenin and Nabilla Benattia

Carla isn’t the only mom-to-be to be anxious. Jessica Thivenin stress also, but for what it could happen after delivery. “I’m not very well. Sometimes, I cry for nothing. It is the hormones. (…) I realize that I’m going to be a mom. I’m afraid I don’t have to be a good mom, I ask myself lots of questions, “she explained on Snapchat, on may 8, 2019. The doubts shared by Nabilla Benattia : “I wonder if it will be okay, if I’m going to succeed. I ask myself lots of questions, but I think it is the same for all moms.