Catherine Laborde, and his illness : “She lock myself terribly alone,”

Happy birthday Catherine Laborde ! This Wednesday may 8, 2019, the former weather channel host of TF1 is celebrating its 68 years. On this occasion, Tv Entertainment has taken its new. The sister of Françoise, of course, referred to his disease, a form of Parkinson’s disease which she is suffering since four years.

Today, at the time when I speak to you, I’m going to rather well. But my disease is very unpredictable. My state can change from one hour to another. This disease leads to many physical and psychological problems. It is difficult to live with it. She lock myself terribly in solitude. It is a kind of old age prematurely. But I am lucky to be very well surrounded…, “said Catherine Laborde.

In particular, it is supported by her husband, Thomas Stern , and his daughters Gabrielle (born 1987), and Pia (born in 1990). She has also received many signs of support after she revealed her illness in her book, Shiver (published October 11, editions Plon) : “It surprised me, and comforted in the idea that it was a good thing to talk about. I have received testimony incredible. (…) This book could also help people who suffer from this disease as well as their entourage. Because this is not easy for the caregivers to live with this. For me, this has had a therapeutic effect and allowed me to take a step back.

Cartherine Laborde and her husband have just bought a house on the island of Yeu in Vendée. They will spend half of their time there and the other in Paris. A balance that pleases him. “On a professional level, I obviously envious, but I am not sure that my body and mind can follow. There’s one thing that I would like to do it is to go back one last time on stage and feel this link with the public. But I am not safe to hold...”, she concluded.