Celine Dion : a New shooting fashion successful and confidences for Her

Since she has decided to have fun, to play and to experiment, Celine Dion is a new woman. The star 51-year-old has notably changed radically in style (thank you, Law Roach and then Pepe Munoz) and she multiplies the required eccentric, small designers or luxury brands. She appears in the new issue of the magazine ITin its american version of June 2019.

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Just as she had done two years ago in Paris, for the legendary magazine Vogue, Celine Dion has folded to a shooting mode distinct which gave him the opportunity to don various outfits. On the cover, she poses for photographer Tom Munro, wearing a dress couture flower, black and white, to the puffed sleeves of the maison Valentino. A look chosen by stylist Charles Varenne.

On the other photos from the shoot, some of which have been posted on the account Instagram of the magazine, one can also retrieve the interpreter of I’m alive, wearing an outfit composed of black pants with rhinestones and a neckline slit on the chest, dressed by Armani, adorned with jewels Bulgari and floor by René Caovilla. The diva has also asked for a green dress, very glamorous and in a most strange dress curtain white at Dior haute couture visible on the site.

Celine Dion, a new spokesmodel for L’oréal Paris, has not failed to make a few confidences between the two photos. Thus, referring to the mode, the singer is in particular returned on his last stay in Paris on the occasion of the Fashion Week. The star had crushed a tear in the open parade Valentino… “The first song played it was The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, that was part of my marriage [with the deceased René Angélil, editor’s note]. The music started and a woman came in, as out of a dream, a rose beautiful. All we saw was his face in that beautiful pink dress. It was very moving. I was without a voice. I didn’t want to cry. I was afraid that Mr. Valentino looks at me. To be honest, I had the impression to be trying to make a scene but I was overwhelmed by emotion“, she entrusted.

And the star, to continue his confession : “Now I find myself more and more. I am a woman who takes her own destiny, full of energy and who loves life. It is never too late for a new beginning. Has 51 years old, I have the impression to be at my peak !