Chargers, cases, cables : several Apple products are already suffering from the customs taxes of Donald Trump

$ 250 billion of products manufactured in China imported into the United States are now subject to a customs tax of 25%, as promised by Donald Trump last week. For the moment, Apple is almost able to pass between the drops, especially its flagship product, the iPhone. Things will change may be all that if ever the us president makes good on his threat to tax all chinese imports on american soil.

But Apple, this is not the iPhone of course, and it is found that many of the products manufactured by the manufacturer in China to be sold in the United States are already taxed. Chargers, adapters, cables, cases for iPhone, as well as the Smart Cover leather for iPad is entering on the territory of the united states were burdened with a customs duty of 10% since the end of September ; the tithe has increased to 25% last Friday.

This additional cost has not (yet) been passed on to the american consumer. The Verge, which reports the information, gives three possible explanations (which can also be added) : Apple has cut back on its margins ; the sub-suppliers to Apple have cut back on their margins ; Apple has changed sub-contractors for these products, choosing suppliers outside of China (however, it seems a little difficult for a ship like Apple to change and sub-contractors).

Apple can do a big back for the moment, these products and accessories are not strategic to its business. It will be quite different if the iPhone were to be taxed to its turn — of course, Tim Cook hopes that all will go well and that things will eventually calm down between Washington and Beijing.