Charles (Best Pastry chef) have been sick for 6 years: “I thought I was going to die”

This is a video very personal to Charles and his girlfriend Ava were unveiled on YouTube on may 12, 2019. “This is something that has totally changed our life. First Charles, and then mine“, was first entrusted to the young woman. It is then the candidate’s Best Pastry chef (M6) who took the word.

Theformer medical student of 23 years revealed that some of his relatives were not aware of the secret he was hiding from his 17 years. “I fell ill in terminal. It was the 1st of January 2013. I left the evening of 31 December. The next day, I started to limp. (…) It lasted several weeks and it is getting worse. I was able less and less to walk. I am closed in on myself. I suffered a lot, I had very bad“, he confided.

I had a lot of trouble breathing

He then went to consult doctors to find out what he had. After several diagnoses is inconclusive, they found, at the end of two years, that he had ankylosing spondylitis. An inflammatory disease chronic joint, characterized by impairment of the axial skeleton. “It impacted me a lot, the clavicles, the sternum, the joints between the sternum and the clavicle. So I had a lot of trouble breathing, I had pain all the time. This was not an easy one.“, said Charles.

Before being diagnosed, Charles has had periods where he couldn’t sleep becauselying down was unbearable“. He was having a nap so in the car of his parents, where he was the best. “I couldn’t move, otherwise it was fucked up. (…) It lasted several weeks. I had crutches, “he explained. He then gave several examples to say how it was wrong. And sometimes, his family did not because they did not know how much he was suffering.

I remember all my life the day I learned of the diagnosis because I was very afraid to have cancer. (…) My mother comes home and, excited, tells me : ‘It is good you have the diagnosis, you have ankylosing spondylitis. At this point, I understand that, unlike in cancer where, after treatment, extremely complicated, one can be in remission and feel better, I’m going to have a disease that will follow me my whole life. That will perhaps lead me in a dozen years in a wheelchair because my joints are a by a degrade-and-merge, and that I could not move, “said Charles. After having learned this, he got in his room to cry for a good hour.

New disease

The young man knew that his life was going to change. But he tried to keep smiling and make this weakness a strength. Since then, Charles and his girlfriend are trying to stay positive in all circumstances. “To give you an example, two years after my spondylitis, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease [chronic intestinal inflammatory disease that can reach the entire gastrointestinal tract and possibly the skin, joints and eyes, editor’s NOTE]. I was going to the toilet 60 times a day, every fifteen minutes. I have not slept for several days, “he remembered.

So he went to do a colonoscopy and then we found him a “hundred micro-ulcers” in the rectum. He then said that he would still need to follow new complex treatments. It was then that he took the decision to realize his dream : “I said to myself that I was going to stop the medicine to make The Best Pastry. I was going to just better. A few months before, I was hospitalized for five days. I was living a hell. I really thought I was going to die. Three months later, I have lived my dream.

A year after his big crisis of Crohn’s disease, Charles has learned that he no longer had any micro-ulcer. A surprise for him and even his doctor. “It was so hard that I took the courage to take myself in hand and live my dreams. I was so happy after doing this that it has cured me, I am sure, “he said. The ex-candidate of M6 is aware that it may come back, but he feels happy to go better today. “I have an excellent treatment that fact that I can going to the gym every day. I think it’s been two years that I do not limp more, “he concluded.

Ava then told how she has lived this difficult period which sometimes put their relationship to the test.