Charlize Theron, his love life : “Yes, I have rencards”

I wanted to become a mom. So I took advantage of it. Now, my smaller takes care of itself. I have a little more time, “says Charlize Theron, in the marathon promo for his new film Seduced me if you can !, in theaters in France on may 15th.

Seduce me if you can ! tells the story of Fred (played by Seth Rogen). This journalist, unemployed, has been hired to write the campaign speech Charlotte Field, his old babysitter, now a candidate in the u.s. presidential election. With his appearance disheveled, his humour and his straight-talking, Fred is task in the entourage ultra codified in Charlotte. Everything separates them and yet their complicity is obvious. A woman promised to a great future, can be seduced by a man goofy and touching ?