Charlotte Gainsbourg : Her endless legs panic always Cannes

Although she does not have films in competition at Cannes this year, Charlotte Gainsbourg has not failed to make it to the Festival this may 14, 2019. The daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin ‘s mission was to declare open the ceremony at the side of Javier Bardem, under the gaze of the jury president Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, for which she shot in 21 Grams. Sublime, the actress and singer, 47-year-old has once again made a sensation on the red carpet in revealing her endless legs. The opportunity to review in our slideshow, its different and stunning appearances in cannes on the red carpet !

It is up to 14 years as Charlotte Gainsbourg went for the first time at Cannes, and for the 39th edition, 1986. The young Forward had opened the festivities in the company of Charles Vanel, 93 years old at the time. A tandem that transcended the generations of movie-goers. One would think the teenager would be impressed to be at the side of the heroes of the Sky is to you, the Eldest of The Ferchaux, Seven deaths by prescription and The Salary of the littler ! Four years later, she presents to the side of his partner Nastassja Kinski The Sun even at night.

For the third millennium, the interpreter of Deadly Valentine is becoming one of the invited to the Cannes film Festival the most claimed : in 2001, she is a member of the jury, and in 2005, she defends the film Lemming with the iconic Charlotte Rampling. The year 2009 marks a turning point in his film career since she won the best actor prize at Cannes for Antichrist by Lars Von Trier. For the Danish director, it will then in Melancholia, presented at the Festival two years later, while she was pregnant with her third child with Yvan Attal. There are also ascents of the stairs to the sublime feature-length film The Tree (2010), The Misunderstood directed by Asia Argento (2014) and The Ghosts of Ishmael (2017), drama of Desplechin also with Marion Cotillard.