Chiara Mastroianni and her ex Benjamin Biolay : Accomplices glamour to Cannes

Chiara Mastroianni has collaborated several times with director Christophe Honoré. The first time was in 2007 with The Songs of love. And then came The Beautiful Person, Not my daughter, you’ll not dance, Man in the bath , and The beloved, in which plays also his mother, Catherine Deneuve. In 2019, it is for the Room 212 that the filmmaker and the actor are found, a work presented in the un certain regard section of the Cannes film Festival. It was, therefore, on the Croisette on may 19, 2019 to unveil this feature in the company of his partners, Vincent Lacoste, Camille Cottin and Benjamin Biolay. The singer, composer and actor, and the daughter of the great Marcello appeared very accomplices : the two artists know each other well since they were a couple and had a daughter, Anna (16 years old). The chemistry between them was remarkable on the red carpet is the red carpet of the film Diego Maradona or during theafter-party in Room 212 during this 72nd edition of cannes.

Despite their divorce in 2009 after seven years together and a child, Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni remained very close. They have worked together two years ago for the title ¡ Still ! from the album Volver to the interpreter of The Beautiful. While they were still a couple, they were founded in 2004 the group Home – to whom we owe the very beautiful Ballad of the months of June –, preferring not to associate their names : “It was a question of modesty because, in life, we were together. It was hard to forget it, “explained Chiara Mastroianni in C to you in November 2017. In the pages of the magazine It five months earlier, the actress had mentioned in the open heart of their relationship : “I say to joke that we get on better now than before ! We have a great relationship, it is true. It is the fruit of a desire, because we have a child together. I’ve never known my parents together, but they have always made sure to see each other as friends for me. The side blended family, it is second nature… even if it requires effort, it is not necessary to lie.”

This time, we find the charming and talented tandem for the film. Room 212 (in cinemas October 30, 2019) tells the story of Maria. After twenty years of marriage, she decides to leave the marital home. One night, she settled into the room 212 of the hotel across the street. From there, Maria has a view on her apartment, her husband, her marriage. She wonders if she made the right decision. Many characters in his life have an idea on the issue, and they let him know.