Chimene Badi reveals his tricks to spice up his married life

Chimene Badi is back in the bins. The singer of 36 years has released a disc titled four years after beyond of the evils, and after having participated in the project of the Mediterranean. In promotion of his album, which is worn by the title up There, presented during his participation in Destination Eurovision, she agreed to answer in the format of The List of

Asked about what she puts on her list as tricks to spice up his life of couple, Chimene Badi replied du tac au tac. “Surprises, because I think it is important. Of improvisation, I don’t like patterns and I don’t like to do everything the same. Music. I would say plugs too. And a small bottle of champagne, it should not be forgotten on the list“, we she entrusted.

I’m with my darling for the past five years. It is ok to not have children. I say without complex today : I have no desire for motherhood. I feel incapable of raising a toddler in today’s society. I think I would be so worried that I’d stop living, that I étoufferais. So to those who say to me that I might regret it later, I answer that I adopterai“, she said to Gala in march. However, the interpreter of the tube Between us is careful to say more about the man who shares his life…

Chimene Badi has also referred to his last list, and has thus proved not to have set foot in a supermarket since “3 or 4 months” ! “There, that is a shame. (…) I’m never home and when I’m at home [she lives in the South of France, editor’s NOTE] I never eat at home ! So, I’m at my parents, at my brother’s home with my sister or with friends, because I do not like to cook. I’ve not done any races in the past 3 months. Having said that, this is wonderful, I wish all the women who have full boots because I understand, really the races it is unbearable to do“, she added.

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