Chris Brown accused of having cast a spell voodoo a teenager

Chris Brown up in the turmoil. As the learned this may 5, 2019, the singer is pursued by a strange woman and her son. According to the information that the police has communicated to our american friends, this lady would try to make up a spell that Chris Brown would have launched his son-teens. The police have got wind of a woman wandering around the property of the singer in Los Angeles , California (United States), who had thrown a bible against one of the walls of the property.

When the police have arrested the mother of the family, she said that she had gone there with his boy in the hope of “convincing Chris Brown to make up the spell voodoo” that he would have thrown. It was also felt that drop a bible close to their home star would help to ward off this evil.

The security forces have good reason to think that this woman is mentally ill. She was taken for a psychological evaluation, and his son has been placed in the home. On his side, Chris Brown is not involved in this case, because it simply was not at home at the time of the facts. It was actually the birthday of the rapper Desiigner, in Calabasas, this evening, may 4, 2019.

Strangely, this is not the first time that Chris Brown is at the heart of a case involving voodoo magic. In 2015, a woman was introduced by breaking into that same house, was vandalized with what Chris Brown had himself qualified “stuff ” voodoo“. The dad of Royalty had even found this woman naked in his bed. Then, singer or sorcerer ?