Christian Quesada “attracted to teenage girls” : the development of his lawyer

Christian Quesada, former champion 12 Coups de midi, is currently under investigation for “corruption of a minor” and “detention and dissemination of child pornography images“. In recent weeks, many women and even a supposed fellow-prisoner , have recounted their experience with this man, 54-year-old, who is currently in solitary confinement in the prison of Bourg-en-Bresse.

Testimonials embarrassing for the client’s image of Me Christophe Camacho. The advocate of Christian Quesada was required to make several statements in Progress . He deplores “a flood of disinformation and a media lynching“. The former champion of the tv gameslives in isolation, but it is not media-isolated. It has the tv, he reads a lot, he knows what is said about him. He is scandalized by what is said about him“. The testimony of a fellow prisoner, would simply be false because “Quesada is in solitary confinement and saw no one other than the prison staff“.

More important, according to his lawyer, Christian Quesada “assumes what he has done“, but denies any sexual assault, defending the passage to be a pedophile. “He admits to being attracted to teenage girls, but not by the children, “says Me Camacho. As for the child pornography images found on his computer, they would not be that “of fantasies without any commitment to action“. It will conclude its maintenance on a daily basis by this sentence : “I heard that what he has done is the height of horror. The charges are disproportionate. Quesada this is not Dutroux !

Find the interview of Me Christophe Camacho on the site’s Progress.

Remember that Christian Quesada remains presumed innocent of the facts alleged against him until the final closing of the file.