Cindy (Koh-Lanta 2019) sexy in swimsuits : his response to the controversy topless

Her gorgeous body, Cindy was also unveiled during the shooting of Koh-Lanta in tanning topless on the beach. A sequence that had shocked some of his comrades, among whom Brice. “At the time, that surprises me. We were all in the process of fetching wood, caring for the camp. The first days were those where he had to be the most active I think. This was not the case. I know that Cindy does not see it like that but to me it was inconceivable to come on Koh-Lanta , and sunbathing, from the early days. This was not the Koh-Lanta as I imagined“, has entrusted the adventurer

Brice has not been simply shocked by the fact that it is bronze on the beach. It is mainly his “how to tan“, namely topless, and was nonplussed : “You can tan normally as did all the adventurers, but to remove the bikini top, I find that it really makes a vacation to the beach. I thought it was a bit abused. I had the impression that she was in vacation mode and I thought it was a pity.

After the release of the movie, Cindy had reacted with the Parisian : “It put me ill at ease to see how it was mounted. This was not really it. I wasn’t really topless. My break lasted only fifteen minutes, in order not to spend energy unnecessarily.

And this Sunday may 12, 2019, it has légendé a new photo of her in a swimsuit, at the beach : “Good since I am obliged to make strategies in Koh Lanta to defend my place, I no longer have the time to get a tan… Then I think of the summer that is approaching, and to my future vacation to Ibiza. I go every year, maybe I will be able to do topless quiet ?