Cindy (Les Ch’tis) uses the surgery and reveals his new chest

A year ago, Cindy des Ch’tis on W9 gave birth to her first child, a little boy named Gabin.

After pouponné his little prince, the lovely Lille has recently decided to have fun and take care of her. On Instagram, Cindy, who had participated in the 3rd season of the Ch’tis, has unveiled the beginning of may in 2019, she had to redo the chest !

She wrote in the caption to several photos revealing a before/after the operation : “Post not very glamorous but it is important in my eyes to explain to you because you are there for a long time and are a part of my life, I’ll share everything from now on 6 years. I didn’t want to say it before you do it because it is my choice and something I’ve wanted to do for over 10 years and I didn’t want to let me judge. Tuesday, I am then made to operate a surgery of the chest.”

After this revelation, Cindy was told by going into the details of the intervention : “Made to 14h and out of the hospital to 20h, everything has been very fast. It is a bit painful but bearable, really. The worst for the moment are the drains which I hope will be removed tomorrow, or Monday at the latest. I am lucky to have my darling @gregraw1 to my side and to my small care, because I can’t raise the arm or carry Gabin for a month. (…) This transaction has been taken care of for my part, because I did almost nothing really. It was not necessarily because I did not put that bras push up ultra padded. But I was living it wrong all the same, not well in my body. Here is a photo of my body before the operation (so that you can realize to what extent I was not spoiled by nature), and my after photo, I think I’ll feel better this summer. Now you know everything.”