Cindy Lopes single mother : Her daily life “not always easy”

Cindy Lopes is once again under the spotlight. The candidate of Secret Story 3 gave an interview to our colleagues from Public to announce that she was committed to the european elections, and it joined the list Alliance yellow of Francis Lalanne. And she explained why.

Becoming a mother has made me a more responsible, and I was especially given the ambition to leave a better world to my two children, “said the mother of Raphael (2 months) and Stella (20 months). The beautiful blonde 36-year-old then revealed that she had marched with the yellow Vests during her second pregnancy. Then, she explained that she was struggling to make ends meet : “to Live with two kids, this is not always easy. Especially as I raised them alone, I got separated from the dad. Once I bought milk, diapers and that I went shopping, I do not remain large-thing at the end of the month. By chance, I am the owner, but have a lifestyle that is proper in France is very difficult.

When Francis Lalanne offered him to join his ranks, she did not hesitate for long. “I will go to the end. I want to act for my country, “said Cindy Lopes. And to make proud her children also. Pieces of cabbage that she does not hesitate to reveal on Instagram. After the birth of Raphael, the beautiful blonde shared a picture of her in the hospital. And, regularly, she poses with her little girl.

The full interview of Cindy Lopes is back in the magazine Public – 17 may 2019.