[Critical] The Dead Don’t Die is it deadly ?

“In this peaceful city, in its quiet streets, something terrifying happens…” The dead do not die and the small town of Centerville is facing a horde of zombies obsessed with the Wifi and the Chardonnay. The film, which was the opening of the Cannes film festival, has everything on paper to become a staple of the comedy zombiesque, in the tradition of Shaun of The Dead , and Welcome to Zombieland. But here, Jarmusch does not take itself seriously and deconstructs the patterns to provide a film-noir and funny. Far from being the most memorable of his filmography, it offers entertainment to the border between the turnip and the engineering.

A casting mortal

Adam Driver is not on his test ride with the producer, and perfectly embodies this deputy Sheriff, impassive in the face of zombies that are threatening his town. “It’s going to end badly” you have been warned. The actor, also known to the general public for his role in Star Wars, sharing the poster with Chloë Sevigny, who plays a policewoman scared and Tilda Swinton, hilarious thanatopractrice. The names Danny Glover, Steve Buscemi, RZA, Carol Kane and Selena Gomez are added to the casting already prestigious.

Die laughing

It’s the same song… the Comedy of repetition, references, meta, Jim Jarmusch knows its partition and table on the absurd to make us smile. Door-key Star Wars Adam Driver in the Bates Motel of Psychosis, the director made a call to our pop culture. The image of the flood of zombies that falls on the protagonists, Jarmusch we fill in with musical references and in the cinema. The filmmaker, a music lover returns to his first love, and appealed to Iggy Pop to portray a ghoul addicted to caffeine. If the viewer is not hilarious to this comedy, The Dead Don’t Die has the merit of taking the foot against the other comedies of the genre and make us smile with his dialogues from the moon. Bill Murray perfectly embodies this stereotype of the shériff overwhelmed by events, and when it launches“this may be the worst thing I’ve ever seen”, one probably does most of the real ambition of the film : not to take anything seriously.

A tribute to the films of that genre

Jarmusch deconstructs the patterns and makes his film a homage to movies zombiesques. Constructed in the manner of a film to sketches, The Dead Don’t Die never ceases to be inspired by the classics of the genre, in the way of The Night of The Living Dead. The Pontiac has in the film of 1968 the famous “Kill the Head”, Jarmusch does not hide its inspirations and paid homage to the precursor to George A. Romero. The director, as soon as the first scenes, breaks the fourth wall and brings us to reflect on the construction of his work, close to pastiche. The Diner american, in the centre for juvenile offenders, it chooses meticulously these places of actions and reviews of a fable zombiesque, we like…

A tale of the ecological and political

Unlike its kin, the director made the choice of an ecological catastrophe to explain the return to life of the maccabees of Centerville. By using all the resources of the planet, the human has caused the dysregulation of the axis of rotation of the earth and the consequences will be disastrous. Subtly or not, Jarmusch uses zombies to talk about his country. The very well named Centerville, paints a picture of an american pro-trump, climatosceptique and disillusioned. Of the cap “Make America White Again” the zombies avid of Twitter, Facebook and other new technologies, it portrayed this society, a mirror of ours. Hipsters also make the costs since it does not hesitate to portray with the irony of its own. Finally, the film is more a critique of the human race, forever doomed to self-destruct. All of the zombies, we are moving towards our end. Regrettably, the final scene which adds to the message and is clearly lacking in subtlety.

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The film is in the dining room since yesterday and is the 13th feature film from Jim Jarmusch. Three years after the acclaimed Paterson, the director returns to the opening of the Cannes film festival. It is in competition for the palme d’or in the feature film.