David Beckham reckless driving : his license suspended !

Blow for David Beckham. The former captain of the England team has been sentenced, Thursday, may 9, 2019, six months of suspension of driving licence for using his mobile phone at the wheel of his car. At 44 years of age, he has acknowledged the facts that occurred in November and had been denounced by a witness, during his appearance in the month of march. He has been awarded six penalty points by the judge, who added a further six penalty points due to previous offences. In the United Kingdom, each has a permit to 0 point, the ideal being to not receive a “point penalty”. From a 12-point violation, your license is either suspended, or withdrawn.

As the tells theAFP, David Beckham has been photographed by a passerby in the process of keeping a phone at hand, in terms of “traffic slow“. “Instead of looking in front of him and paying attention to the road, he looked at his knees, “said attorney Matthew Spratt, stating that the witness had stated that David Beckham was in the process of using “a unit at the level of its knees“.

David Beckham was defended by Me Gerrad Tyrrell, who has stated that his client was travelling at a slow pace. He also explained that the husband of Victoria Beckham did not remember this day, but he argued all the same guilty. The father of a family has been sentenced to 750 pounds (869 euros) fine and must pay £ 100 (116 euros) in court costs. His driving licence was suspended for a period of six months.

This is not the first time that David Beckham has trouble with the highway code of the uk. The dad of Brooklyn, new york, Haper, Romeo and Cruz had been prosecuted for speeding after exceeding the 90 km/h in an area limited to 65 km/h in the west of London, in January 2019. Fan of large cars, the former footballer has a real team composed of a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Porsche Carrera and a Ferrari F360 Spider (among others no doubt).