Death of Anemone : Its partners in the Splendid tributes paid to him

While the tributes, sometimes singular, have poured in following the announcement of the death of the actress Anemone, it was unthinkable that the members of the Skin-keep the silence. Even if the late actress said she was angry with them for years, they paid him tribute.

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For many it was and will always be Teresa of Monsou, one of the cult characters of the play and in the film santa Claus is a junk. On his Twitter account, Thierry Lhermitte has not hidden his sentence. “I’m upset by the news, you were a great actress, may God keep thee. Farewell, my friend“, he wrote in the caption of a photo of the two of them, taken from the movie. He played his sidekick Pierre Mortez, standing as she SOS Distress Friendship… The two actors had the opportunity to make more films together, such as the Wedding of The Century.

It is also on Twitter that Christian clavier has chosen to express himself. “Very great sadness for the disappearance if premature Anemone, memories together moments of games and laughs are exceptional, as well as with the whole gang, “he wrote. Then, from the AFP, he said : “I have the memory of a great actress, with whom we shared great moments of fun and laughter and exceptional.

On RTL, Josiane Balasko has taken the floor to greet his friend and tell all the good it thinks of it. “I didn’t know she was sick but Anemone was not someone that was spreading on his private life”, she said, citing then a “strikingly beautiful woman, with a lot of charm and spicy“. And the actress added : “It was a kind of madness. Sometimes, it made us laugh because it was extreme but it was an artist who had a presence incredible. This is the first of us who will disappear, the Skin has lost one of its honorary members, it is sad. Anemone, it was the memories, both happy and both extremes.

Finally, Michel Blanc also responded on the airwaves of RTL. “It was a kind of genius in a crude comedy. When I’ve known it was a beauty. A kind of Arletty, she had this power comic, at the same time she was very beautiful, very attractive, and very crazy, she has always been very mad. She had an imagination absolutely bursting, she was anything but rational, except routine. There was always something unexpected in what she was doing. And then it was pretty unmanageable too, but that has never posed any problems when we worked together. It is necessary to say that in my opinion she has not had the career she should have, because she has had moments of absence voluntary… It was anti-conformist. I’ve always had a lot of tenderness for her… When we were 25 years ago, we wondered who of the gang would go first. Now, you know“, he confided.