Death of Anemone : The Macron welcome an actress who is “fiercely free”

In the aftermath of the death ofAnemone, away at only 68 years of the suites of a long illness, as revealed by his agent, the tributes continue to pour in. The members of the Splendid are all welcomed their friend and ex-colleague, and the president and Emmanuel Macron has published a joint press release with the first lady, Brigitte Macron.

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Here is the text in tribute :

The actress Anemone died yesterday. Funny, moving, and fiercely free, she left us through his movies of the treasure of good humour and good humour. Anne of Burgundy, his real name, had made his debut at the café-théâtre, but it is his first film, Anemone , Philippe Garrel (1968), in which she played the title role, as she pulled his artist name, this simple name, nothing fancy, which made it immediately familiar to the French public.

In 1977, his friend Coluche offers him an important role in the only film he made himself, You will not have Alsace and Lorraine. And then Anemone is becoming one of the acolytes of the legendary troupe of the Splendid Christian clavier, Michel Blanc, Gérard Jugnot, Thierry Lhermitte or Josiane Balasko. It is as well that it played out in 1979 in The Father christmas is a scumbag, a piece written by the team and soon adapted by Jean-Marie Poiré in a film become supremely worship as its television reruns. Anemone embodies the inimitable Thérèse, a woman a little stilted, very emotional, the voice somewhat shrill, which ensures an evening of christmas hotline SOS Friendship with Peter, played by Thierry Lhermitte.

Anemone had this comic force that was in her home by a master virtuoso of rhythms, shifts and dissonances, word games, and vocal effects. The directors had understood that have propelled them to the top of the poster in comedies popular in where his talent broke out as Come to me, I live at a friend’s house, My wife is called back, The Babas-cool, For a hundred bricks, you’ve got nothing more…, The Quarter of an hour american , or even the Wedding of The century.

But the palette of game of Anemone was significantly wider and she could leap out of the screen in dramatic roles as in The high way where she embodies a mother marked by the mourning of her child, a role which earned him a César in 1988 or in The Little Prince said, a family drama to heartbreaking.

In recent years, and Anemone had found the taste of the boards while playing in The Stingy, Miss Werner , or The Knots in the handkerchief.

Has the image of this flower, it was chosen as the name, the talent of Anemone was this richness of colors and the power of the glow that illuminated decades of our dark rooms and our theatre scenes. It will have crossed the French cinema with freedom : provocative, down-to-earth, she had this genius d1un comic related.

The President of the Republic and his wife to extend their condolences to the family and friends of Anemone as well as to all those who have worked alongside her.

Thomas Montet