Death of Anemone : The star 5 replicas cults !

Of the late Anemone, dead at only the age of 68, following a long illness, is remembered, of course, on his character memorable Thérèse in The Father Christmas is a junk. A film shot with the band of the Splendid which the members paid him tribute. But the star it was not that this comedy…

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Among the replicas cults Anemone, whose real name is Anne Bourguignon, and those of Father Christmas are many. Two are of particular entries in the collective memory : “It is fine, it is very thin, it is eaten without hunger” and “Non-Stone, it is a vest !” This film, directed by Jean-Marie Poiré, was released in the cinema in 1982 after having been adapted from the play of the same name, established in 1979. At the time, he made 1.5 million admissions to the cinema, but its reruns almost annual television have made it a cult for several generations.

Anemone has also marked the spirits for his role in the film Le Grand Chemin, directed by Jean-Loup Hubert and released in 1987. It there stood the character of Marcelle and gave a reply to actor Richard Bohringer who plays her husband. “You fear that I will put in the red ?“, can we hear him say to a child when she has the hands full of blood of rabbit. His role will enable him to win the César for best actress.

In the other film highlights of his filmography, is also My Wife called back. Directed by Patrice Leconte and released in 1982, it featured Anemone to the side of Michel Blanc. Among the replicas highlights of the film, you can hear him shout “I have the impression that it is a little bit lost” when she walks on horseback in the forest with a Michel Blanc already little to reassure… The actress loose also, to a man who is eyeing at a bar, “hey gizmo, you know quite well or you want me to move ?

If she had made her farewell to the stage, she had never stopped spinning for the big screen, his last film, The Currency of their room by Anne Le Ny is released in 2018.

Anemone had in the life of every day an outspoken and sometimes disruptive, which prompted tributes singular

Thomas Montet