Death of Lady Diana : two new witnesses contradicted the official version

She was adored and admired by the whole world. The death precipitated the princess Diana at only 36 years old was one of the shocks, the strongest of the Twenty-first century. His funeral was attended by more than 3 billion people. Today two witnesses claim that his death was not accidental.

Robin and Jack Firestone told their stories to the newspaper Express to have been there just after the accident that caused the death of Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul (the driver). In a taxi behind the car of Diana, they were among the first to be present at the scene of the tragedy.

Immediately, they spot two cars “official” strange and “poorly parked” parked in the front of the Mercedes S280 in which was Diana. Robin Firestone says he has wanted to talk to the police : “We went to them and I said : ‘Listen, we were in the tunnel yesterday evening and we need to talk to the police because there are things that we have seen.’ The agent wouldn’t even listen to them : “Without hesitation, he said that they had enough of cookies : ‘Don’t worry about it.’ We were completely shocked. One of the most famous women in the world is killed and they don’t want to speak to witnesses.”

If the official cause of the accident is always the drunk driver and not wearing the safety belt of Diana, the couple Firestone doesn’t believe it for one moment. They even believe firmly have been prevented from testifying by the French authorities and the British. The couple Firestone has not even been convened in the first survey, which took place in London in January 2007.

Robin says : “I hope that one day, while William and Harry grow in age, they will want to take the responsibility of finding out what really happened to their mother.” Finally, the Firestone say that they believe that “something bad” could happen to them in order to silence their testimony….