Death of Mabô Kouyaté : The moving tribute of Josephine Berry and Jules Stitruk

A great sadness has descended upon the world of French cinema on April 3, 2019 : it was learned that Mabô Kouyaté had lost his life, when he was only 29 years old. The actor and artist was known to the general public for its role to remember in Moi César, 10 and a half years, 1m39, a comedy performed by Richard Berry. Mabô was only 11 years old at the time of the shooting of the film, in which he embodied the character of Morgan, the best friend of Caesar, played by Jules Sitruk. The daughter of the director, Josephine Berry, was also in the casting of this film.

The two partners Mabô Kouyate have made a loving homage to the actor disappeared, Sunday may 12, 2019. In his story, Instagram, Josephine Berry noted that it was in Switzerland in the company of Jules Sitruk in order to attend a screening of Moi César, 10 and a half years, 1m39. It was organized during the festival Pen & Film. The two actors had come to pay homage to their longtime friend.

On Instagram, the actress of Clem has published some of the poet senegalese Birago Diop : “Listen more often
The Things Beings, Voice of the Fire is heard, Hear the Voice of the Water. Listening in the Wind, The Bush in sobs, It is the Breath of Ancestors.” Such a beautiful caption that accompanied a slide showing a portrait of Mabô and a few candles. A beautiful tribute in sobriety.