Death of maureen mcgovern, already a year old : her daughter Lou Villafranca inaugurates its square

Maureen mcgovern is dead may 7, 2018, it was a year ago. She was only 57 years old. A beautiful tribute was rendered to him by his hometown of Schaerbeek, in the north-east of Brussels. The municipality has decided to give its name to the square Jacques Scratched where she was living at number 32.

Tuesday evening at 19h, Lou Villafranca, the only daughter of maureen mcgovern, aged 25 years, had a ringside seat. At his sides, his maternal grandmother, Jeannie Patureaux, who was a professor of piano, but also his father, Pablo Villafranca, who was the husband of maureen mcgovern in the early 1990s.

The grandmother and her daughter were very emotional and visibly happy to homage of the commune to Maurane. Lou opened the plate at the side of the bourgmestre Bernard Clerfayt. Schaerbeek will not be there. “It also provides for the renovation of this place later, within 2 years, “says Marc Weber, head of cabinet of the mayor to our colleagues in The Last Hour. The whole street will also be renovated.

On the first anniversary of the death of Maurane, many people have had given a thought to it. We think first and foremost his girlfriend Lara Fabian, with whom she shared the beautiful duo You are my other. On Instagram, the singer paid tribute to him by singing a few measures of the Prelude of Bach : “Mau, often, I’m with you, I see you… I feel your presence… All of you is so alive… We have so often sung together, but today I borrowed your words and I sing for you. I love you my friend… ever.