Delphine Wespiser and his companion Roger : crazy in love Fort Boyard

For the past few years, the spectators, the most seasoned of Fort Boyard have been able to notice that Delphine Wespiser embodied the characters of White and Red. It would not have escaped : the filming of the new season has started (with a lot of ups and downs, between bad weather and injury). The Miss France 2012 was able to bring his companion of long date, Roger, with her on the fort, such as were able to see their 289 000 followers.

The ladies ‘ man of Them. 1, 2, 3 for the price of one ! It is great some people will say… or not ! How lucky to have been able to share this day, “writes Delphine Wespiser in the legend of the three adorable pictures Instagram. We see her first with her companion, and then disguised in White, and finally Red, always in the arms of the same man. On his story Instagram, we can see Roger holding in his hands a white snake, to put a gloss to his sweetheart and siffloter facing the sea. A lovely day that will certainly be engraved in their memories.

Between Delphine Wespiser and Roger Erhart, this is the great love ! For more than two years, Miss France 2012 (27 years) and its contractor, 52 years old living a beautiful romance. “Before you know Roger, I had a friend who was going out with an older man and I did a little morality. (…) But I have included in the living in fact, you can’t explain everything. Especially not in love“, she had entrusted to the Gala. We wish them many years of happiness.