Diana Ross was appalled by a control at the airport : “I feel raped”

Diana Ross is a great used in airports, his international career leading her to the four corners of the world. After having done the show in Marrakech, Morocco, at the end of the cruise fashion show Dior held at El Badi Palace, which she attended, the american singer 75 years of age occurred thousands of miles away a few days later.

On may 4, the living legend of the soul stood on the stage at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans. When she left Louisiana as soon as the next day, Diana Ross has had an episode of traumatic that she wished to share on Twitter. “So, on one hand, I am treated like a queen in New Orleans and of the other, like a shit, “she informed the Sunday 5 may. The artist refers here to an incident that occurred at the international airport Louis Armstrong who was upset, to the point almost of the cry. Apart from the airline with which she has traveled, Delta Airlines, Diana Ross has explicitly targeted the TSA, the agency in charge of the excavations and the controls after the recordings. “This is not what has been done, but the way. I feel raped, I still feel his hands between my legs, in front and behind (telling me that this is his work)“, she completed.