Dominique Desseigne : “A pleasure to work with her children”

The Croisette is boiling since the opening of the 72nd Cannes film Festival on may 14, 2019. Dominique Desseigne has participated in the red carpet of the film Les Misérables on the 15th may, like Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and the young mother Tina Kunakey who has signed her comeback on the red carpet after the birth of his daughter Amazon. The presence of Dominique Desseigne does absolutely nothing to chance. The business man of 74 years, is the chairman and group managing director of Barrier, including the owner of the luxurious Majestic hotel and two casinos in the city. One located boulevard de la Croisette and the other in the Space Lucien Barrier.

In an interview with Gala on the 16th of may, Dominique Desseigne evokes the ambition of the Barrier group, which has made the gamble to go into organizing for events, e-sport in the casinos, notably in Lille and Enghien with Webedia. “We adapt is the heart of our business“, he says.

With a personal fortune estimated at more than 1 billion euros, Dominique Desseigne does not forget the values that are important to them. Among them, the family. Impossible for him to pass in addition to the family character of the Barrier. “It is a force, a richness, a living legacy. Those who have preceded us, are the memory of our future“, he explains. This is why Dominique Desseigne is that the photographs of François André, Lucien Barrière, and his daughter Diane, his late wife are exhibited in the institutions of the group. The business man was married to Diane Barrier, who passed away in may 2001 at the age of 44 years. Nearly six years earlier, in July 1995, she had been the victim of a terrible plane crash of which she was miraculously emerged alive, but burned and a quadriplegic. Together they had Alexander and Joy that Dominique Desseigne is very close. Both personally and professionally. “I am fortunate to have my son at my side for more than five years. Its responsibilities are increasing year by year and it is a pleasure to work with her children“, is happy there.

The businessman concludes service on the fire of the brasserie Fouquet’s and the bar’s Squadron in the violent protests of yellow vests on the Champs-Élysées in march last. Dominique Desseigne, true to its ambitions, and prefers to look to the future : “today, it is the time of the reconstruction, with calm and serenity. The Fouquet’s is a musketeer. It will still be present. It is for all. And all for him.” The Champs-Élysées will soon open a game club, at 104, where was previously the Club of Aviation. “Our project is not one of nostalgia, but of the rebirth of a space to which we bring our expertise to the first group of european casinos, “says Dominique Desseigne, confident.