Dounia Coesens love and pacsée : it says more about her boyfriend

Dounia Coesens remains very discreet about his love life. It is for this that the media it has received a relationship with his former partner of More beautiful life Marwann Berreni, as it unveiled often the photos in his company on Instagram. But the beautiful actress of 30 years does not live a beautiful love story with the interpreter, Abdel. For proof, she said, on her married life with Tv 7 Days.

The beautiful brunette will soon be in a special episode of Camping Paradise (TF1), as well as in the telefilm for France 3 The bridge of forgotten. On this occasion, our colleagues have encountered to submit it to their interview hidden passions… . And Dounia Coesens revealed to be in love ofa musician named Tom. She also announced a great new : “In January, Tom, who is a musician, I proposed that we pacser. He offered me a magnificent ring in yellow gold and turquoise. It does leave me more. Because, me and him, it is often on the road, each on our side.” We will unfortunately no longer on the man who shares his life.

We learn, however, that it is better that he does not approach his beautiful, too close in the morning : “I am a sleeper, inveterate. I have a lot of trouble getting up in the morning. And this is not worth it for me to take in the arm at that point, I don’t like it ! I need an hour or two to come back to life and be in a good mood.

The entirety of the intrerview of Dounia Coesens is to be found in the magazine Tele 7 Days of may 13, 2019.