Drake accused of cosmetic surgery : it responds to the rumors

Drake would he falsified his beautiful chocolate bar ? A photo posted on his account Instagram on may 16, 2019 has sown the seed of doubt among internet users. You can see the rapper in a 32-year-old lay in the sun, wearing shorts and bare-chested, revealing the passage his muscles and abs carved. A cliché used by more than 3.8 million fans, but that has sparked concern : these abs are the result of a plastic surgery operation ?

Everything is gone from the comment of his friend, the DJ Carnage : “You made a plastic surgery operation in Colombia to have those fake abs, you don tubal person.” If it was clearly said on the tone of the joke, some people have actually thought that Drake was implanted muscles plastic. With a lot of irony, Drake has taken to respond to his friend : “Is it because you are pissed off because of that thing that happened the other day with this person that you thought to be your wife ?” Go. “Relax, we’re friends in real life, “said the interpreter of God’s Plan.

It must be said that Drake is obviously gone to the bathroom recently. In December 2018, he published a story of her torso, much less carved than today. The ex of Rihanna unveiled at the passage of its all-new (and very large) tattoo, an owl with outstretched wings, in reference to the logo of his label, OVO Sound.