Drink or drive, it is necessary to choose even with the Autopilot

The future of the automobile, it may be the conduct autonomous, but until we reach the level 5 means complete autonomy, without the aid of the driver, the caution is… just like sobriety. In the netherlands, the gendarmerie has arrested a motorist asleep at the wheel of its Model X. The police arrived at the height of the motorist have been asked to stop, but the 50 year old man did not react while the car was tracing his route on autopilot.

The driver fell asleep flashed by pandores Dutch.

It is only after sounding their siren as the ranger reached its end, that is to say, to wake up the driver. After an alcohol test, it turned out that the driver had exceeded the allowable limit. He did remove his license. This is not the first time that this happens ; these last few months, similar stories involving drivers apparently not in possession of all their faculties have undergone testing in the United States. Under the influence of alcohol, they had activated the Autopilot of their Tesla and stung a little nap in the stride.

On its website, Tesla warns motorists that ” the current capabilities of the Autopilot require a active monitoring the part of the driver and does not make the autonomous vehicle “. The function of automatic steering of vehicles of the manufacturer does not exonerate in any case, the driver to hold the steering wheel ; alerts are also hear when this is not the case.