Dropbox offers more storage… for a little more expensive

Dropbox reviews to increase the amount of storage (and price…) its package : the envelope just goes from 1 Tb to 2 Tb, all for the price of 11,99 € per month. It is 2 € more expensive than before, but by subscribing to the annual plan, the price reverts to € 9.99 per month (or a total of 119,88 € a year).

The service adds to the batch the Smart Sync which allows you to free up space on the Mac or the PC storing the files that are not used in the cloud. Also on the menu, the Rewind function to restore a previous version of a file (to a maximum of 30 days). Soon, a search function by key words in the text content of documents in line will be added.

The current subscribers will not have to pay more expensive and the additional features will also be offered. On the other hand, the renewal of the subscription it will be at the new price if they have chosen the plan monthly payments.

With this additional storage, Dropbox starts almost at the same level of iCloud, with 2 Tb of storage also cost 9,99 € (the two services do not provide the same benefits). What to do to pass a little better on the pill for a formula free of charge reduced to a trickle since last march…

The package Professional is also changing, going from 2 tb to 3 Tb for the price of 19.99 € per month (or 16,58 € with the annual subscription charged 199 €). In addition to Smart Sync and Rewind (about 180 days), pro users will benefit from a tool to mark their documents (watermark). Dropbox also announced a bonus to come to the accounts Business, with a storage of 5 Tb instead of 3 and the functions of Smart Sync and Rewind (180 days).