Eglantine Emeyé, the macaroon disabled son, stole : “It is distressing”

The result of this story, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has invited on his show C you to return to this mishap, as well as her fight for her son with multiple disabilities. “I was especially a surprise. I would never have thought of such a thing. (…) When I noticed that there was no longer the cookie monster, I have to admit that I found it atterrant. The nausea came after. Spontaneously, it is true that I was cut. I wondered how we could do it. (…) It is a stupidity appalling and I think that the person who did it did not realize the consequence that this could have for the people involved“, she confided in a first time.

After having revealed that following her message, she has received numerous similar accounts, Eglantine Emeyé recalled that the “macaron disability is not reserved for people in wheelchairs“. “Fortunately, my son was not with me. If I had arrived with him at the time, so I had prepared for the exit, ( … ), it would have been an ordeal for him“, she added.

The presenter then pointed out that her son lives in a hospital in the Var, “for lack of a suitable” : “This is not the place of a person with autism and epilepsy. (…) I would prefer to live in a home in which he would also have the education, the care when it is needed and especially close to me. It is 900 miles from me, and I journey all the fifteen days.

The young boy with multiple disabilities since he has a STROKE when he was a baby. He was diagnosed autistic at the age of 1 year and hemiplegic on the left side. Mia Émeyé is separated since a few years the biological father of his two children, Sammy and Marco (15 years).