Elizabeth II : Upset, it will violate the protocol royal

Annette Wilkin had begun to work in the service of the queen when she was a teenager. And in 1974, she met the woman who would become one of his closest friends, Elizabeth II. After having started as a simple maid, Annette Wilkin has managed to become indispensable to the Palace to become a governess-in-chief. A source royal told the Daily Mail :“She was a true inspiration to others that it motivated him to work even harder. Efforts that the queen has always appreciated.”

Very close to one another, Elizabeth II had even offered to Annette Wilkin a present that is priceless to her. No, it is not a case of jewels of the British crown but of one of her precious corgis. The blessed one Larch that had been adopted by Annette Wilkin, who still lived within the Palace after his retirement in 2014.

“The queen and all the members of the royal family loved her absolutely and she was almost part of the family. She never married but was devoted to her work and has given his life to the royal family.”

Determined to attend the funeral of his girlfriend, Elizabeth II is going to have to break protocol to get to his funeral. In fact, the queen is very rarely the funeral if they do not apply to members of the royal family. Anyway, the queen is determined to honour his friend Annette Wilkin, and to render him this last tribute. Regardless of what you may think of the members of the Palace or what the protocol could accept it or not.