Émilie Nef Naf, his former life of WAG : “we must sacrifice”

Émilie Nef Naf has agreed to an interview with Rachel Legrain-Trapani, for his podcast in . She has moved back to his childhood and his career. And then the winner of Secret Story 3 has discussed his former relationship with footballer Jérémy Ménez. A life that was far from rosy.

It is in 2011, Émilie Nef Naf has met the athlete 32 years old. Very quickly, they are couple and have lived five years together. But their romance has ended for the first time in 2016, the beautiful brunette was now in a relationship with the basketball player Bruno Cerella. She is finally separated from the last in January 2016 to have a chance at his first love. New failure, they break once again in December of the same year.

A girl, to be with a professional athlete, it is necessary that she has no ambition. It takes what is completely dedicated to mr, where it will live and what he will do. We must sacrifice ourselves. It is not necessary that you have character and projects. To make kids, stay home and buy yourself some handbags, “said the young mother of 31 years.

If it provides that it does “not spit in the soup“, Émilie Nef Naf says : “happiness is in the simple things of life.” In this interview, the young woman spoke about her children Maëlla and Menzo (born in 2012 and 2014 of his former amours with Jérémy Ménez). In particular, she was told both times that his son had almost died.