– End Android smartphones, Huawei : will they stop working ?

Despite the decision of the firm of Mountain View to stop support of Android and all of its services, such as Play Store, Gmail, Maps and YouTube, smartphones, Huawei, and Honor will continue well work, for the time being.

On the official Twitter account of Android, Google was intended to be reassuring, saying that the existing apparatuses of the chinese brand will continue to operate, in the short term, and on the current version of Android.

Google has not yet detailed how this suspension of Android, and related services will emerge. It seems, however, that smartphones Huawei will not have future updates of the firm of Mountain View and particularly Android Q.

Google indicates in his tweet that ” services such as Google Play and the Google security Play Protect will continue to work on your device Huawei existing “, which means that the smartphone Huawei will continue to benefit from the catalogue of Google applications and updates, but for how long ?

While Google’s decision to cut ties with Huawei comes after the prohibition made by the u.s. government to do business with companies deemed to be dangerous for the United States – with Huawei’s line of sight – it will be difficult to support on the Google Play Store app on the smartphones of the chinese manufacturer for very long.

In the short term, the users of smartphones Huawei should not see real changes. On the other hand, it is in the long term that things get tough for the chinese brand.

Private the latest updates to Android, and certainly Google’s services, the mark is going to have to do in order to continue to exist in a smartphone market largely dominated by Android and iOS, exclusive to Apple.

Huawei seemed to expect such a decision, seeing the tensions between the United States and China were to intensify. One of the officers of the firm announced in march last that an alternative “home” on Android was already ready, in case Google should halt its activities with the chinese. But what does it look like this solution, and above all, can it really compete with the behemoth that has become Android ?

If smartphones Huawei is already banned in the United States, which is today the second-biggest sellers of smartphones in the world, just behind Samsung, is going to have much to do to retain its leadership and impose its in-house solution, particularly in Europe, Africa and Asia, which remain today deeply attached to the ecosystem of Google.

This is not impossible, since Apple has been able to impose iOS and continues to exist fully, in spite of a slight loss of speed in recent years. On the other hand, the firm of Cupertino was the first to land with his smartphone, and even before Android. More than 10 years later, it is hard for Huawei to be imposed with an operating system home, and it would seem that the firm is about to go through a long dark tunnel, before, perhaps, find the light.