Enjoy a mobile plan for less than 10 euros chez Sosh, Free, RED by SFR, Prixtel…

The prices of mobile packages have never been so low these last few months. Free had upset the phone market a few years ago and the competition had to react. Operators and distributors and break their prices in the hope of attracting new customers. Here are the packages at the time the most interesting that we have selected for you are below 10 euros ! It is a gift !


RED offers to 10 euros a month for calls/SMS/unlimited MMS, and 40 Gb of data instead of 1 Gb as usual, 4 Gb of roaming in Europe, calls, SMS, MMS unlimited in France, to life, and without commitment until may 20, 2019, inclusive.

Access to the RED by SFR

Sosh, Orange

At this time, the package Sosh with 50 Gb of Internet data, calls/SMS/unlimited MMS + unlimited SMS to Europe and unlimited calls to USA, Canade and landlines in Europe cost 9.99 euros. Past 12 months, it returns to its original rate of 24,99 euros. The offer is available until 28 may included ! Sosh offers another package to 9.99 euros per month all year, and without commitment with 100 Mb of data and calls/SMS/unlimited MMS.

Access to the SOSH


Bouygues Telecom offers up to 20 may, the package B&YOU 40 Gb at $ 9.99/month for 12 months and without a commitment for life ! It includes 4 Gb of roaming valid in Europe/DOMou still Calls, SMS/MMS unlimited. It should be noted that for 7,99 euros per month, B&YOU offers 20 Mb (3G/4G/4G+) with calls/SMS/unlimited MMS.

Access to the B&YOU

Free Mobile

Free Mobile also provides an offer-to-8,99 euros per month for 1 year, and then Free Package for € 19.99. It includes Internet 4G+ with 60 Gb, calls/SMS/unlimited MMS, as well as 4 Gb while roaming across Europe. Offer valid until may 21, 2019.

Access to the FREE MOBILE


For six months, Prixtel offers special offers from eur 4.99 per month instead of 12.99 each with calls/SMS/unlimited MMS and 10 Gb of data. You can choose your operator choice of Orange or SFR.

Access to the PRIXTEL

Don’t forget to provide your number RIO by calling 3179 if you want to keep your current number.

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