EnjoyPhoenix “a little forced” to sleep with an ex : “I put the pressure”

On YouTube, where it has over 3.5 million followers, EnjoyPhoenix speaks of his skin problems, offers tutorial makeup and presents his latest purchase. Saturday 11 may 2019, it is sex that the young woman was treated on its chain. A subject that she discusses for the first time in video !

The famous youtubeuse 24-year-old has taken advantage of this rare speech on her sex life to recount an episode of his intimate life with an ex-lover. “Sometimes, I felt very comfortable with guys with whom there was no problem from a point of view of sex because all went well, lance Marie Lopez, his real name. And conversely, I’ve also had cases where I had no desire at all to do with them, I still felt bad, still a little under the stress. I felt a bit forced, as if I didn’t want to do it, I was uninteresting.

This is what happened with a former companion whose EnjoyPhoenix does not disclose the identity. “I have already found in the case of figure where I didn’t want to make love with my guy. Because I didn’t want to and because I didn’t feel well in my head or in my body at that time. And I found myself in front of a guy who, himself, didn’t really understood me and put the pressure on for weeks, weeks, weeks… Really, to me talk about it every day, every hour, to make me the mouth because I was not able to do it, because I didn’t want to, “recalls the former candidate for Dancing with the stars (TF1). Under pressure, the pretty blonde become brown has “disposed of“… in order to “give pleasure” to her lover of the time, and the arguments cease.

Today, she has become aware of the seriousness of the facts and is decided to ensure that this situation does not occur again “never again“. “I found it just terrible, the sensation of feeling obliged to do it to make someone happy“, she says. Indeed, it is this “tension” as it is called, which has been in part because of their relationship.