EnjoyPhoenix : Selfie 100% natural to reveal his acne, “worse and worse”

The former partner Yann-Alrick Mortreuil in Dancing with the stars (TF1) indicates that the “food” also, it is heard that she “should learn to [be] face-wash“, “stop [to] put on makeup“, it is “a pot of paint because[it] is disgusting below“, “idiot never having done roaccutane” but the eyes of others is even more disturbing. “I eat, to see the people I stare at in the street when I’m not wearing makeup, “she continued. And to add : “acne is not a choice (…). Does anyone know what it’s like to wake up in tears of rage because I can’t put my face on a pillow without feeling pain.

Today, “after five years of product testing and treatments of any kind (gluten free diet, sugar-free, lactose-free, antibiotic treatment, zinc, tetralisal)“, EnjoyPhoenix took his courage in both hands and was unveiled at the natural. “I’m tired of hiding myself (…). This is me, this is my skin, I am like that, I can’t help it“, concludes the youtubeuse.

A gesture is widely applauded by internet users who have followed in recent years, the struggle of Marie Lopez against this fate.