Epic Games acquires Psyonix (Rocket League) and tackles clearly to Steam

It does not catch flies with vinegar, and that, Epic Games was well understood. The company has just bought the indie studio Psyonix, well-known for the phenomenal success of his play Rocket League.

The latter has just announced it has accepted the offer on its official website, but clarifies, however, that this does not change anything to the way the players engaged with the title. Rocket League will be available on the Epic Game Store probably towards the end of the year. It will therefore be removed from Steam eventually, even if Epic remains rather evasive on the issue.

Rocket League is still available on Steam for new buyers and long-term plans will be announced later

Those who have purchased it on Steam will of course continue to play, even when it will be removed from the sale. They will also benefit from the updates, which seems obvious given that the game offers cross-play for some time already.

The studio explains that reach Epic will allow him to better develop his ecosystem, focused on esports. One can imagine that the sums released by the studio to showcase Fortnite had to impress the developers. It should also be noted that these two entities have already worked together on the improvement of the Unreal Egine. We do not know however to what is negotiated this acquisition.

It is a hard blow for Valve. Rocket League is the sixth game played on its platform. Gamekult reports that as of 2015, the title is part of the 12 games generating the largest turnover in its catalog. It was really excited to see how Steam will react in the coming months.