Everyone is talking about : “there was sex in the dressing room !”

Everyone is talking about, a program that has known a great success among the viewers from 1998 to 2006, celebrating 20 years ! This Saturday, may 4, 2019, C8 is broadcasting a documentary chronicling the glory days of the program at that time presented by Thierry Ardisson. Philippe Corti, who officiated as DJ on the shelf, remembers this period in rock ‘ n ‘ roll.

It is from our peers, Tv Leisure that he remembers of his years in the band everyone is talking about. Behind-the-scenes, alcohol and drugs were all but banned. “There was an incredible atmosphere in the scenes !“, lance-t-il. And further : “The guests were aware that they were going to spend on the grill on the plateau, with the questions of Thierry. They were psychologically prepared and knew where they put the feet, even the international stars !

Philippe Corti confirmed that in All the world speaks, “there was alcohol, some smoked“. And off-camera, behind the scenes, we don’t stop there : “there was sex in the dressing room… Sometimes with guests, but I can’t tell you the names !” A period in which the DJ remembers with nostalgia. He explains : “When we are uninhibited, there is nothing more fun than to make love in a suite !

Last march, during an interview granted to our colleagues of Technikart, Thierry Ardisson, confessed to having given to drink its guests to get them to make confessions. “They were coming toward the 20 hours, they were locked in a room with chilled champagne. Once on the plateau, they were willing to tell everything ! And it plays great ! On a talk show, it is really important !“, said was the facilitator of 70 years, still angry with Linda Hardy, who has co-hosted the show a few months.

Rendez-vous this Saturday 4 may 2019 from 21 o’clock on C8 in order to follow the documentary everyone is talking about : 20 years already !