Facebook, Messenger, Instagram : full of novelties

The most significant novelty is without any doubt the new design for the mobile apps and the web version of Facebook. White everywhere, an emphasis on simplicity and speed, and especially the development of the groups. 400 million users are part of a group, which is one of the popular features of the social network.

Groups prior to any

The Groups tab is now visible offers an activity feed tailored to the groups to which the user participates. A discovery tool that recommends groups that may be of interest. It also becomes easier to share content with groups through news feed.

The Events tab has been completely revised, to facilitate the entry and participation to events close to home. Here, too, the application offers recommendations. This new design should appear now in the mobile apps in the coming months from a web browser.

The Messenger app has also many new features of size. The most significant is without any doubt the version for Windows and macOS which will make its appearance ” later this year “.

Facebook is also working on a new version of the mobile app in order to make it ” faster and easier “, thanks to a new architecture. Here, too, it will have to wait to see the result.

The video is an important axis of development for Messenger, this is why Facebook is going to offer a feature Watch Together, which will allow a group to watch a video together, in real-time. The deployment of this feature is scheduled for later.

Finally, Instagram will offer a new camera incorporating the Create mode, which will allow to share photos and videos with filters and stickers interactive. A little like today, but it will be easier. New tools for creators Instagram (sale of articles directly from the app) as well as a sticker to collect donations will make their appearance shortly.