Flash sales in the Fnac + 15€ offered for every 100 € purchase

The refurb displays almost complete today, in particular in relation to the Mac. Only exception : the Mac mini. There is only one configuration of 2014 to 929 €. This is the configuration with 8 Gb of RAM, Core i5 processor and Fusion Drive. But if you are looking for this configuration, be aware that iConcept empty now stocks and offers to 798 € ! It should be noted that it is a git of a new model !

If the refurb is not well-equipped in Mac mini, it offers a nice selection of iMac from 1099 €. It should be noted that the models 2019 are not always available on the store dedicated to refurbished products from Apple.

For its part, the Fnac offers flash sales on several models of Mac, and iPad. The offer is doubly interesting. Not only do you get a discount at the base, which is not negligible. But in addition, if you are a member, you get 15 € on your loyalty account every 100 €.

Among the flash sales, we find :

  • a MacBook Pro is Touch Bar 256 Gb to 1799,99 €, a reduction of 200 € on the normal price. And so in addition to your rewards account is credited with 255 € if you are a member or if you become one with it.

  • a 15” MacBook Pro 256 Gb to 2599,99 €, a reduction of 200 €. And 375 € added to your loyalty account.

Please note that this offer is valid sue some models reconditioned. You may as well get a MacBook for 1099 € , which will give you the 150 € of credit on your loyalty account. All promotions Apple on the site of the Fnac is available at this address.

To return to the refurb, level portable, we also find :

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