Flight MS 804 of EgyptAir : it is “unlikely” that Apple devices are at the origin of the crash

On may 19, 2016, an Airbus A320 of the airline EgyptAir crashed into the Mediterranean sea, causing the death of 66 people, including 40 Egyptian and 15 French. Three years later, we still do not know the origin of the crash of flight MS 804 ; Egypt has raised the hypothesis of an attack, France leans rather to a technical incident that caused a fire in the cockpit. A thesis that is gaining importance, since that the expert report ordered by the judges of instruction French, revealed by Le Parisien, shows that the aircraft had serious maintenance problems.

Credit The Parisian/C. Tèche, computer graphics January 2017

This report, which has yet to be corroborated by a counter-expertise, going in the direction of the elements discovered by the Office of investigation and analysis (BEA) in charge of the black boxes of the device. Rest to find out what caused this fire. Early on in the investigation, suspicion fell on the iPhone 6s and an iPad mini cellular. The devices that were plugged in during the departure of the aircraft, were they victims of an overheating that caused the fire in the cockpit ? It was necessary to have the heart net (read : Apple and EgyptAir accused by families of the victims of flight EgyptAir MS 804).

These smartphone and tablet, which belonged to the co-pilot, are “probably not ” to the origin of the disaster, write the authors of a judicial expertise, which had asked the investigators two and a half years of work. The document indicates that ” the tests carried out when the expertise did not show any weakness or defect is latent “. The expertise, without being categorical, explains that the sockets on which devices were plugged in were ” clearly non-compliant to the specifications of the Apple at the input of the charger “.

In spite of everything, the charging device has not had ” any impact on the security [of the plane] “, continues the expert. “The possibility of thermal runaway spontaneous of a device with a lithium-ion battery can never be rigorously excluded. However, the analysis conducted shows that for these devices, this event must be regarded as extremely improbable “. Since the beginning of this story, Apple shows not to have had access to any report, but that the understanding that the company had of the drama showed that there is no evidence linking the event to its products.