Florent Pagny and taxes : Confidence détonnante in Turbo

May 19, at 11: 20 am on M6, the magazine Turbo unveils a special issue devoted to the Florent Pagny. Some may not know this but the singer is a crazy car. Not short of confidence, he turned it into a pretty crispy Dominique Chapatte. Extract.

Thirty years after their first meeting in Turbo, the two men met in Argentina, a country where the artist lives. Crazy racing cars including mechanical, Florent Pagny does not hide have collected several exceptional models. When out and performed at the museum Juan Manuel Fangio in Balcarce, a man of 57 years old has reported that he has owned in the past a Mercedes 300 SL. and this is not all, the singer has also had the pleasure to acquire a Ferrari 275 GTB blue, a Dino (model Ferrari), a Porsche 959 and a Bentley S1. Unfortunately, this is part of the past, because as is revealed by the artist Dominique Chapatte : “I sold everything because the taxes are arrived.

The story is known, Florent Pagny has had setbacks with the irs and was sentenced in 2005 for tax fraud. The song My right to freedom of thought, composed by Pascal Obispo and interpreted by Florent Pagny, evokes this story. “I would have been able to buy me another collection of cars with this song, “says the ex-coach of The Voice with humor. The title was ranked number one in sales in France for six weeks.

During the shooting, the star has also had the privilege of taking the wheel of a very rare model of Bugatti, a type 57 TT of 1935.

Find the special emission Turbo dedicated to Florent Pagny on may 19, 2019 at 11: 20 on M6.