Florian (Married at first sight) : His break-up with Emma, “a tear”

A few months after being united in Married at first sight season 2 (M6), Emma and Florian have broken. Since then, the pretty blonde has found love in the arms of another candidate of the program, Lawrence, and her ex-husband is him in a couple of years ago. With our colleagues at Ouest France, it expresses the reasons of his parting with Emma.

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We were in a bubble for several weeks. There is a spin-off after. This is where the first minor disagreements arise and it was not strong enough to deal with, “says Florian. Recall that the distance has not helped, he lives in Toulon, Cannes… Then, after the show, away from the cameras, “the flame was hard to take” : “We realize that the relationship has started by the end : we got married before we even get to know. It is then necessary to start over from the beginning of the seduction, and it’s really complicated.

Then they started a new life together, Emma and Florian have had to manage the broadcast, and a sudden success, especially on social networks. “It has been projected the face to the viewers. It is tucked in a bubble of media. It has been followed by thousands of people, “he remembers. At the time it is electrifying all the marks of attention on the social networks, but it can sometimes be a burden to you. We can have the impression of having to do things well, of having to be accountable. People only see the good times, but there are also problems. The virtual image that is comfortable. Getting to share things between this world all pink and the real life, this is not obvious. We found ourselves caught in there. We managed to do it without tearing up. But we perhaps forgot a little bit.

Between the distance, the media coverage of their history and the daily issues faced by a young couple, the love did not. “We realized, in the end, that it was not a may not be so in love one another, “even Florian. He says he fell truly under the spell of the beautiful “later“, after the broadcast of the program, but expressed some doubts as to the feeling of Emma : “She was perhaps less in the feelings than me.” It is also one of the reasons for which Florian has experienced this separation as “a tear“…

Let’s remember that today, it has totally turned the page and has even announced to be in couple with a young blonde whose face and identity remain secret.